S    6th February 2015   

very happy with Emilia's work!! very detail oriented, professional and trustworthy!

Dave & Jackie    31st January 2015   

Amelia has been cleaning our house for about 6 months. She does an excellent job and pays attention to detail. She is reliable, flexable & her rates are very competatove. We would highly recommend her services. We love coming home to a gleaming house & enjoying our family time, without having to do the chores of cleaning.

Luciana & Chris    14th January 2015   

Emilia has been cleaning our house for about a year now. She truly has made a huge difference to our life. She's reliable, pays attention to detail, proactive and her quality of work is immaculate! Her rates are also very competitive. We highly recommend her services.

Sergei    11th January 2015   

Emilia has been cleaning my house for about 2 years now. She does an amazing job, leaves it in immaculate condition and is very trustworthy. I can honestly say that she does a better job at cleaning my house than I would have done myself - and that is very difficult to achieve. On top of that I do not have to worry about anything to do with cleaning - be it purchasing cleaning products, laundry detergent, etc - Emilia takes care of all these things - which is exactly the service I was looking for. I would highly recommend her!

Kate & Gerrit    15th December 2014   

Emilia is cleaning our house for 18 months. We are very happy with her detail-orientation & reliability. It feels like you mum was around (only in a good way) 🙂

Daniel Romani    13th December 2014   

We've used Swindon Clean now for several weeks now and we're very impressed with their service. They clean our entire house from top to bottom immaculately in just 3hrs. Highly recommended!

Edward    11th December 2014   

Got a flyer through letter box and contacted Swindon Clean to arrange deep clean and oven clean. Very satisfied, strongly recommend this service!

Barbara    11th December 2014   

A friend recommended Swindon Clean 15 months ago. Since then I get my house cleaned on a monthly basis. Very friendly and every time my house looks amazing.

Patricia Archer    10th December 2014   

I have known Mila for 8 years. Every clean is a deep clean. Mention your cooker. I do that. Curtains. I do that. Carpet cleaning. I do that. And boy does she. Wow every single time. I live her and Silva looking after our home. Give her my keys. Without hesitation. Wouldn't want to miss a visit by being out.

Brenda    10th December 2014   

Contacted Swindon Clean via a recommendation, it was the best thing I've done. Emilia cleans my elderly parents home. Leaving it like they used to be able to do themselves. She is very accommodating and friendly.

Katya    10th December 2014   

Thank you for the sparkling house! I have used Swindon Clean's services for over two years and am really happy with the great service! Strongly recommended!

Joanna    10th December 2014   

Had my carpets clean last week, very happy with the service, thank you for helping me out before Christmas

Charlie Henrry    6th December 2014   

I have been using the services of Swindon Clean for over 8 years. They are outstanding!

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